Dramatization of Real Events


Lights. Projector. Action


Based out of Boston, MA, This Bliss is not another laptop band. With heavy beats, layered textures, and character-driven vocals, This Bliss explores the world of trip-hop and electronica through the lens of a storyteller. 

Formed by Nick Zampiello (Party Bois), owner of New Alliance East Mastering in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and singer-songwriter and Boston favorite, Jess Baggia (Man Trouble), This Bliss marries Zampiello’s affinity for drum machines and synthesizers with Baggia’s pop-songwriter sensibility to create noir-inspired electronic songs. Danni Vitullo rounds out the trio with multi-instrumentalist talents and backing vocals.

Their debut album, Forensic Styles, was released on September 14, 2018, in partnership with Mint 400 Records.  The new EP, Dramatization of Real Events, is out now.

Vocals, Guitar / Jess Baggia
Synths, Saxophone, Bass, Vocals / Danni Vitullo
Drums, Sampling, Vocals / Nick Zampiello



Our debut album, Forensic Styles, is available for purchase here!